Thursday, October 30, 2008

silly mistake

Silly mistake. Always take for granted.

Always let it be without recheck and double triple check!

Uhhh... I went to CIMB Bank to bank in my rental house but forgot to bring account number!


Now, finish my work.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

setting their mind

Today am quite busy with my students come over to my room. Even though it likes showing me that am busy but in the of bottom my heart I felt so so happy. Treating and entertaining them make me feel good. Some of them begged me for upgrading their grade in final exam, some of them just came visiting me, since end of Ramadhan they are not able to come and see me as me wasn't here.

I do advise them to be more serious in this semester, do not let their time wasted by sleeping and doing unnecessary things. Hopefully they really change their mind and set up their mind to be more struggle for this sem. Why should I do all these things to them. Is that like wasted time to give free motivational talk without any payment...? Erm... I really care of them because I want them to be a good person here and hereafter, not even that they may contribute something to the ummah as well as for betterment for their future life. And of course I really love them! They are a part of my life. Thanks my dear children! I have learn a lot about of education life because all of you. Since we are in the process of learning, and me too always learn a lesson from what had happened.

Whatever it is, am really enjoy and happy with my work. Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin..

Ya Rabbi, please easy my path..and make my dream come true. Being a good teacher you must learn to be a good student. You yourself must learn from what have you get from them. Learning is never ending, everyday it starts with the new and new one.. Hope tomorrow I will learn the new thing in my life. Yes... that's true when we say life is not a destination but a journey...

room 2302

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Alhamdulillah.. In the Name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. Thank you Ya Rabbi.. Arrived at my workplace at 5.50am. My housemate fetched me at Kajang Bus Station. We are like did not see each other in two and three months. Everyone eagerly wannna share the news and story telling.. hehe.. in fact we are only separated four days. Yea.. friend.. is like to share our feelings, our experiences and so soon.

I begin the work cheerily.. today students start their class. me my self should have class. unfortunately,am still not received the schedule. I can see all the students walk to and for at the walking path nearby faculty's office. Everyone of them maybe search their lecturer or the class located.

After locating my stuff, I went down to see my HOD. I have been informed that today our Rector invited us to his Open House Hari Raya. Without the delay, my group and I in hurry go to the rector's office at the administration building. I felt so happy eventhou I already took behun goreng supply by my friend's auntie early this morning. Maybe the hilarious of Open house still can be felt.

Fulfill the tank and come back to the office. I brought my thumb drive for scanning at faculty's office. My God.... 209 files deleted!!! all these because of viruses.. So bad of pc at computer lab. affect all my docs. but then, I called my cousin how to solve, I dun want it affect my Inspiron too. He suggested me to avoid from doing that and better scan at other computer and if it still cannot be healed what shud I do is format the thumb drive. Which mean.... all the docs will be deleted.... what shud I say... habislah....

And now, I start thinking.... and thinking... I need some precious docs inside there... otherwise I buy a new one..

2302 DE,FPM

Monday, October 27, 2008


Mon, 27 Oct 2008 - I am at my hometown. Just four days I spent my weekend with my dear family. Tonight I will go back to Selangor, continue my task for the new semester.

Brought together my Dell with hoping I will settle all my work at hometown. But I have to realize that, when we come back to hometown especially to visit parents and sibling, there should no work at your mind. My second day here, am really hope that I will do my work smoothly. But what happened to my Inspiron 1420? Broke down. There is no ways but send it to specialist at Kangar. Em... everything is over..

Today, Inspiron is already can be used. The computer specialist ensure me that everything okey. If anything happen do tell him. Erm.. hopefully Allah save my Inspiron..


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aku Berkelana...

Kota Serambi Mekah aku jejaki
meraih ilmu menukar persepsi
merungkai kusut penuh rapi
membina ukhwah utuh abadi
menggilap maksud penuh berapi
menilai tara kehidupan abadi
mengenal cinta Illahi hakiki

hijrah aku ke kota metropolis
penuh dengan debu-debu kota
menahan diri dari tergoda
menghalang diri dari menggoda
menjurus diri pada yang ada
menafi diri pada yang tiada
mengungkap rindu bungkam dijiwa
menanggung sarat penuh didada
sabar dan setia dikota dijiwa
menanti jiwa dibelai rasa
pasrah menanti takdir yang Esa
disatu jiwa pada yang tiada..

kelana aku ke daerah pusu
mencari makna sebuah ilmu
samping diharap pada yang satu
menanti ternanti tanpa rasa jemu
galangan ilmu dikaut padu
satu cita-cita itu yang kumahu
korban cinta pada yang mahu
rasa semua sudah berpadu
semua mimpi pastikah satu?

jalan dilalui semakin harmoni
aku lalui penuh berdikari
hasratku satu ilmu kujunjungi
memberi menerima apa diperolehi

daerah selatan aku telusuri
mengota cita ingin dipatri
harapan ayah bonda kini menjadi
aku bersyukur sangat bererti
mengharap berkat pada rezeki diberi
meraut kasih sesama insani
ke sini aku bukanlah destinasi
aku berkelana dan akan berkelana sehingga kupasti..

0140am / 21 Oct 2008
Vista BSP

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kari Kepala Ikan

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 - Gombak, My weekend is really fully utilised. Last friday, I overnighted at Jalil Height. I spent about one and half day at my dear friend. Since knowing that she had a suffer pain. I spent a day to look after her. Yesterday, we ate capati and kuah dal, made by her. Erm.. sedap..

Late afternoon on Saturday, I made myself stronger to drive to Gombak. Why? I have invited a wedding reception my housemate at Taman Permata. The function starts after maghrib prayer. Pergghhhh.... MRR2.... heavy jammed!! an hour and 15 minutes I was caught in jammed. It really teach me to be patient. I was thinking, why all people at that time were in the road.... Oughhhhh...Jammed made me sleepy... So sleeppy.... The maghrib time around thecorner.. Something attracted me a lot while driving was the slot in IKIM FM "Ramadhan di Tanah Suci"... At that time... I felt that I was in the Holy Land.. The slot touched my heart.. made me remember the precious time in Holy land.. hehe... no sleepy at all...

Then, I arrived at my another friend at 7.24pm. Preparing myself for maghrib prayer. I told my friend... The jammed spoilted my mood to attend the function. She helped me to cover my mood to make me cheer up.... Good girl.. yea.. as a reward... after the function we will go the favourite place to lepak-lepak uh....

After isya' we together to Taman Permata... To find the place is very easy... just belakang Giant Taman Permata... A lot of pakcik2 and makcik2 there. "I think this is the place"... housemate.. so gorgeous... with the cream suit.... comey... cutest at that nite as well her hubby.... with the "white kopiah" hehe...and the black tuxedo..
The dishes nasi briyani, dalca and curry kambing... I ate kambing...hehe...

We spent time to take the pic and sembang-sembang... My friend accompany me whisperred at me..."Erm... jom la balik"... hehe.... As per condition, we dropped at JJ Wangsa Maju to our the lepak place.. Ok ok... The time shows us 9.50pm.. since this is weekend the closer time is 11pm... hehe an hour to lepak-lepak...

Arrived at MPH, I told to my friend, I want to see other things first and came back to MPH. Four books interested to buy.... Terapi Solat Tahajud: Mukjizat Penyembuh Penyakit, Tip-tip Cemerlang daripada Quran, Solat Khusyuk: Solat S.M.A.R.T and Di atas Sejadah Cinta...

Drove back to Taman Samudera. Spent time borak-borak until 3am...

Today.. she entertains me with Kari Kapla Ikan..... Sedapnya.... Thanks Ya Allah.. I have a friend like her... Always remind me to remember You.. about the jihad and the battle... ukhwah fillah abadan abada..

Thanks for the Estee Lauder Eau Da Parfum.. given by you last nite. Thanks babe! May Allah bless our relationship...

p/s: I just got a good news from northest of Malaysia. Ya Allah... please make my dreams come true. Ameeen..

Taman Samudera

Friday, October 17, 2008


Fri, 17 Oct 2008 - Alhamdulillah.

Thanks for my dear friens, who are really understand me, help me cross out from the 'empty room' lately.

We dropped at Alamanda for break the fast. And doing some window shopping there.

She helped me a lot last night. She made me happy. She made me laugh and release.

Alhamdulillah. Today after working, I have to look after her. This is a reward for her. Get meals and drop at Sri Kembangan and overnight there.

Tomorrow I have lots of invitations Hari Raya and Walimah. :)

Am happy happy now....

Oh Allah.. Please keep in everytime happy and cheer... Hope it comes back as usual. Really hope... Only from you Ya ALlah.

Lib of SIIUC

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Come back

Tue, 14 Oct 2008

Am just came back.

That was the best memory in my life.
Hope to write everything here.
But, time is limited.

Peace, calm and amazing...

Hopefully, I will go and go again..
All is about LOVE... ONE LOVE!..
about HEART...
about SOUL...
about we are khalifah of Allah..