Saturday, September 13, 2008


From Bandar Seri Putra. Drop Greenwood - Tahfiz Darul Furqan - Medan Idaman - Taman Melati. Waiting for fly next tomorrow. Hope everything will be easier and smoother..

Medan Idaman.
Uda's house.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hometown. During this weekend, I spent my good moment with my happy family. Break the fast together. That was the best moment for this Ramadhan. Being a 'musafir', I always dream to live with my parent throughout Ramadhan in my kampung. But I have my own committment, responsiblity and task. The things that I wanna share today is purify our soul and heart. As a human being, we always forget about our health that has been borrowed by God. And we always intutively follow our nafs to eat, to buy, to drink what we want. But we must bear in mind, not all that drinks and foods are good for our healthy. We should remember, if we take a lot of sweet drink and food, it will cause the diabetes. And also the others like too much salty food, oily food and so on.

During Ramadhan, the best is we should take more 'kurma' for our healty. Get more plain water. No need eat too much even though the whole day we are fasting. We should take considerately food and drink. It will ensure us to easy performing tarawikh after isya'. Implicitly, we will refresh our mind that not only us are hungry during Ramadhan but around the world we still see many of them lack of healty food and drink. Some of them, just eat twice a day but only in small quantity. But how about us, which facing a lot of food everyday especially during Ramadhan? Think and feel that...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ramadhan Kareem

Fri, 05 Sept 2008 - RAMADHAN KAREEMM... MABRUK 'ALAIK.. Asr is just around the corner. I seat on my chair properly and make a little streching. Today, I had a small meeting with my HOD and collegues with regard to our preparation for this coming semester. Insya Allah, I will be responsible to teach Public Finance, International Trade, Economics, Islamic Economics and Comparative Islamic Economics. Alhamdulillah.. all these subjects I like most. Hopefully shouldn't have any problem with these subject. Recently, am quite busy with my tranfering all my stuff to my new appartment (rental one). But, everything runs smoothly. Thank you Allah.. give me the best way of my life.

Now, am just waiting for my student for consultation her project paper. This paper required to all students in final semester. They have to learn Research Methodology and implementing into the small assignment before doing the project paper. As for me, they will benefit more in writing and improve their skill of searching and grabbing the knowledge. Not only the in writing but also in terms of knowing people, communication skill. This subject improve and expose me a lots when I was a student in Malaya University. The lecturer, Dr. Idris really taught us to be intelectual researcher. Being a researcher, we can not simply copy and paste whatever we like. It must be a way or procedure to be followed. Learning research methodology not a simple subject. We have put ourselves into the line of learning research methodology. Plagiarsm must be avoided. And how we have to avoid and make sure everything in the right step. Of course it has a way how to do. I tend to explain everything here. But may be it comes in the next post. The thing is we have know and feel what have we learnt. After all, we will appreciate in what we do, what we have and what accept. The concept of redha is much more important in our life. To be a good student, researcher, teacher or what else.. sincerity, redha and love our job will make everything easier and smoother...

Got to go.. tonight I will back to my hometown. Release my feeling of missing my parent, siblings and granny...