Monday, August 25, 2008

Mon. 25 Aug 2008 - Clock shows me at 9.15pm. Here i am in the BT2220 at level two. All my students concerntrate their paper. They just an hour answering the mid term of Economic Development. Some of them look very hard in answering exam and some of them look like blur. I try to read all what, where, why, how and when in their mind. Hopefully my questions to too hard for them. Ugh... one of my student start streching their arm..hand.. pulling his head... and also starring at me.. that's great! maybe infront of me have a lot of answers?...

Last weekend, on 23rd August 2008. It was my best moment in my life.. I received my scroll of my master degree. That was a memorable time because all my friends (master of economics) attended in this ceremony.. We met again and sharing our life's today.. about our job, experiences of our life... about marriage (just for those who get married - not me), how many children they have and so on. We really appreciated that time so much! We chat.. we laugh.. we share.. My feeling was at the climate. Of course yes, we have been long time do not meet each others and only in this time we meet, the only time when all our dreams come true. I feel some like nervous and my heart beating harder and harder when step inside the CAC Hall of IIUM. We line up properly... smoothly entering the hall. We felt like yea.. this the time of us spent three years for a degree.. not only a dream.. but the truth. Ya Allah.. Thank you for your kindness.. Give us an easy path throughout the years to complete our masters.. in seeking Your knowledge.. We hope this not only the destiny.. but the journey to go along with..

The ceremony started with the national song,Negaraku and what the suprise me is that the new IIUM's song... wah... so great! IIUM SONG (LEADING THE WAY)

Let ‘s lead the way
Enlighten the future
Share the wisdom
Through the spirit of Islam

Revelation and Reason
We shall excel, we shall prevail
Merging faith and knowledge
We’re the khalīfah
We’ll fulfill the Amānah


We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…
Rahmatan li’l-Alamīn

We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…

(Mercy to all the worlds)

For all mankind

Thursday, August 21, 2008

About Love: Swami Vivekananda

I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me.

Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool,

she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this:

"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."

This was how I saw it:

As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there.

However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds.

This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...they try to posses it, they demand, they expect...

...and just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you .

For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings.

# Give and don't expect.
# Advise, but don't order.
# Ask, but never demand

& # Love unconditionally .

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice.

It is the secret to TRUE LOVE.

Thanks to my dearest friend because enclosed this such wonderful words to me. I will remember forever...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

slaughter houses...

Sat. 12.11am - I am just wake up. I slept early to night. But the heavy ringing of my handphone make me shock. Just received call from my friend Ani. She just arrived KLIA from France. Alhamdulillah. She told me about 48 hours shei's in the flight. So funny of Ani. I couldn't imagine how patient she is.... waiting her siblings to fetch her even though when she's arriving... nobody there.. hehe... she's not coming back from Kedah or Sabah..but France... come on... so cute of her... And now, after chatting and laughing about our life and what's going happen next week and bla and bla.. and now is my turn..I couldn't sleep.. and start surfing... I found one article that very much attract me to share in this blog... especially us students... so, I quoted this article... share and think of it..

"Dear students! You have spent many years of your life at this institution to acquire education. You have eagerly been waiting for the day when you will reap the harvest of your labour in the form of a degree. I am aware of your emotions on this occasion, and that is why it pains me to express my thoughts so bluntly.

Frankly speaking, I consider this Alma Mater, in fact all Alma Maters of this kind, slaughter houses rather than educational institutions. The degrees to be awarded are in fact death certificates, issued when the murderer is satisfied that he has accomplished his task; fortunate are those who escape from this organised butchery with still some spark of life.

I have not come here to congratulate you on receiving these death certificates. I am, rather, overwhelmed with grief to see you in such a miserable plight. I am like someone seeking a person who might still be alive among a mass of corpses."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Midterm Maths for Economics

Jalan terus.

Jangan toleh belakang lagi.

Saya sangat bahagia dan suka dengan apa yang saya lakukan sekarang ini.

Ya Allah.. daku bersyukur atas nikmat Mu..

* budak-budak tengah buat midterm... saya gembira.