Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Softening Brush


The hectic week has just begun, and I need to slot in my packed time, even 5 minutes, to sharpen my art skill of sketching up and downstroke lettering skill. It happened with my hard hand, which made the letter quite odd and funny. As long as I can see my small progress it's okay. I am happy since my everyday target is doing small things that bring me happiness. Another interest I have not explored yet is that the activity should be done on sunny and hot days where I can get the best view of the picture. But now is the hot season, though... slot my time slot time.

Till now, da.

Loves the art of fie. 💕😎

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Exercising my hand and figure


The set ordered has been safely delivered. I received a planner, a set of pens, transparent paper and a lettering book. I already practised one page for downstroke drawing. That practice makes perfect. During secondary school, I always spent time in art class because I liked drawing, sketching, chanting, colouring, and everything about art. At that time, I am hoping to change the current school to the art school. But then my skills vanished together with time flies, but I still remember my sweet memories of spending time at the art class. During that time, I wish to be an architect. Dreaming of having Ar in front of my name. Oh, wonderful. During my old days at IIUM, I was selected to be a trainer for the Thinking and Leadership class, where I needed to facilitate undergraduate students in various courses. Among all courses, the most memorable time was facilitating architecture students. I have experienced listening to them about their activities as architecture students. They also brought their plan and their miniature buildings and shared their routine as architecture students. Of course, I am so impressed. Disclaimer: I like art, but that doesn't mean I am a skilled artist. Just like. Ok, that is it for today. I just wanted to mention that today, I started practising my lettering, and hopefully, my lettering will improve. 

till see you..


the art of fie

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Things that I wanted to do..


Yes, we have nice weather in the sunny season in the northern state of Malaysia. Make me thankful with all Allah gives to me. Actually, I have a lot of schoolwork to do. But allow me to bersantai-santai even if I am not at pantai. Normally on saturday in this small town, not many activities we can do, except loitering at home, feeling relaxed and enjoying my free time. It has been a long day since I sacrificed my weekend without having a santai and loitering day. 

But here is the list of 2024 that I am hoping I can learn and enjoy my weekend, not much, only TWO things, hahaha... number 1 is sharpening my lettering skill hehehe.... and number two is having more nice pictures putting stock in my phone gallery. Hahahha.... Oh, these are the things that I wanted to do after a long time I hold to do... And the third thing I will reveal if I mastered these two things. 

Okay, till I see the next episode. Actually, my excitement graph marginally decreased due to the delayed response from the shop where I ordered the set of pens... aigooo.... gewnchana gewnchanaa.... But I expect to do this thing during the weekend.... next week my weekend will be too busy! My schoolwork will be loaded next week! 

Da... see you next episode.

loves, fie 💞😍😎

Friday, January 26, 2024

Mission Completed.

 Bismillahirahmanir rahim.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

It was a long process, almost 98 months. My original plan was 36 months, but the actual time of completion is 98 months minus 18 months for buffering time. Of course, the minimum process will be the best measurement of efficient, excellent and outstanding results. Mine is just an ordinary result, but I learned a lot that Allah allows all this to happen with His blessing. Alhamdulillah. I can't say more than alhamdulillah with what He gave me. All are from Him. I have a lot to write here, but my mind is totally blank on where I should start, what to start and how to end this post. But the most important thing is that I am really grateful for Allah's bounties, and it makes me think about how to become more catalyst and be down to earth. It is a piece of work that I have extended a little part of it. 

Of course, starting 2024 with a new chapter with new life colour and hope, I am becoming more open to learning new things, combining the existing knowledge, and enhancing the fundamental thought and substance of knowledge, and the sky is the limit in learning. I will always be a student, learning the new courses of life to become the best version of fiezarmy. More chapters to be explored, more canvases of knowledge will be discovered, and more spectrum of experience will be grabbed to be a better person. The minimum monthly target to make my lovely blog breathe is one story. 

Alhamdulillah. Syukur ya Allah.

Ahlan 2024. Welcome 2024. Selamat datang 2024. 

loves, fie💕

Saturday, February 4, 2023

D1077~Reset, Relearn & Redo

Bismillah, 3.3.23 yesterday is a day that I need to record as a day that I need to remember because, in Allah's destiny and provision, I have found a scholar who is very humble in sharing knowledge with us. I hope this is the "starter" for us who are still novices in academic writing to continue to make strides and struggle in our career paths. Insha Allah. There are already tasks that we have to do and the opportunity for us to learn and recognise the techniques and ways of writing real works that are effective. Insha Allah.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

D1074~Recycling Thoughts

 Bismillah, today is the first of February. 2/12 already. Allahu.. Hit 16th February almost a year after I completed my thesis for evaluation. Alhamdulillah. Still waiting for call and at the same time quite nervous and worried. Talking about recycling thoughts this morning, as usual driving to school always the moment I keep reset my mind, refresh my intention start working for every day and qasad the intention / niah working for the sake of ALlah not other than matter. Also, revise the situation that embraces me with the peculiar feeling and revisit my actions for the betterment of myself. Thus, clustering all thoughts and recycling thoughts that I have planned before may need to do now. But I prioritise the critical and urgent tasks to be settled the most. Ranking them and visualising them in my planner may help me do it exponentially. Hope so. Eh, the weather today is so cloudy... As cloudy my heart. haha.

Ok bye.💞


Monday, January 30, 2023

D1073~Reclamation progress

 Bismillah, due to encouragement writing last night. My mind and soul concurrently think about everything. What to produce? Where to have it and how to make it? Usually, these questions always pop up in the early semester when the slot of microeconomics come in. Talking about my title of reclamation progress, this situation represents my thoughts and mind, which keep reading and preparing for the hope and dream that should be materialised for the key performance indicator for this year. 

Refreshing my thoughts has linked with the core speech by the KPT minister this morning. I don't want to highlight the 11 core or wish he dreams for KN2.0. I am specifically focused on the needs and wants of the reclamation progress that should be done. Three conditions that I should re-look and reclamation;

a) Familiarise yourself with the jargon of the work done. 
b) Rewatering the core, umbrella and integrated theory you have developed.
c) Refreshing every inch of the practicality of the elements expanded and blended into IBS.

Good luck! Now I am feeling so refreshed! Ordering War and Peace book for another reclamation progress. 


D1072~ Welcome 2023 and awaiting for the call

Bismillah... it has been 361 days since my last post's last date. Subhanallah.. My journey of completing my third degree is going a beautiful way and path. I can say that Alhamdulillah, for all He has given me, I never regret but am more grateful and have learned an inch of the lesson and moment since last 2022. 

A lot happens, but my blog is always on my mind. As usual, I imagine I have time to frequently write about ideas, feelings, issues and all about life. That's always in my dream. And again, as always, I dream and wish for the new year by setting a new goal, a new dream, a new chapter, and so on. I don't care about who is going to read my nothing blog. But just to express and force a precious idea, thought and many more, representing what I am doing and love to do. Insha Allah. I realise till now my best time with "Ilham" is always at midnight and conflicts with my hectic schedule with school. I hope this year it will be more organised and presentable for me. Hope so. haha. And in fact, chit-chatting with Keb tonight is just like developing new hope and dream that we hope to materialise in a short period. We dream, and we hope haha.

What else to write, yea, it is waiting for the call and, at the same time, fulfilling what should be prepared. To face university requirements and at the same time wait for a call. I believe that Allah is testing me with beautiful sabr. The lesson that I should remember, not a single thing at our hand will be lasting, yet Allah is the final lasting, the Sustainable and the Perfect. As human beings, being imperfect, we as a vicegerency of Allah are normal. Being tested by lending and taking back what has been given is one of the ways Allah has reminded us to recall and correct ourselves. In other words, muhasabah diri la. So facing the situation, taking back or rejection is part of our life routine. Gitu.. I am still grateful having my lovely parents, siblings, and good friends of mine are small circles, but they always make me happy and remind me about how short our life is and I need to thank every second and minute. Yes, I would like to share a quote that I copied from someone's LinkedIn that says a matter of time, 

You're not late. You are at the right time!! work on your "timing" only. They may "portray" you as ahead of you or behind you. I know that you are not ahead of anyone, and at the same time you are not late, you are only working on your "timing" that Allah has given you. Live with peace of mind. Reassuring 🌷🌹🌷 •• Time is a means in the hands of Allah. He walks him as he pleases. And give you what he wants whenever his time comes for you and everything he has...

Hoping for His highest heaven in here after nothing more can be put rather than this. I hope my dream to frequently write come true haha... Actually, I love love to write.. I always dream of a seat at Tanjung Rhu Beach resort or 4season private beach, carrying my cutie bear lappy and writing it covers everything about life, love and peace. Insha Allah, one fine day this dream will come true. 

To my self-talk: 
"Fie rajin la menulis fie. Jangan putus asa fie! Keep writing fie.. yes you can do it!"

Coconut-milk Castle

Friday, February 4, 2022

D711~Go go to submit.

Bismillah, 4th February. At level 18, Pantai Dalam, I have one tekad to submit by next week. In any case, the submission will be settled next week with Allah's permission. Prior to leaving for KL, Allah tested me in every way possible so that I would persevere with my mission. Thanks to Allah Alhamdulillah. Everything sailed smoothly. Now my heart is at peace and calm. Trillions of thanks to everyone who has always been there for me, prayed for me and desired my submission. May Allah grant them the highest of Paradise. 

My dua' - Sufficient for me is Allah, there is nothing worthy of worship except for Him, I place my trust in Him, He is the Lord of the might throne"


💖fie, Pantai Dalam KL

Monday, January 24, 2022

D700~Dream to submit

 Bismillah, January 24. A dream, a hope, and a commitment. Although I have no idea what will happen, I believe that submitting is the most significant goal. Indeed, there are obstacles I face every second of the day. There are just two weeks left to make this happen. 

Softening Brush

 Bismillah. The hectic week has just begun, and I need to slot in my packed time, even 5 minutes, to sharpen my art skill of sketching up an...